Rafting the Firth River to the Arctic Ocean

Regarded as the trip-of-a-lifetime by many paddling fanatics, it presents plenty of rapids, canyons, and ample hiking opportunities to view wildlife.

Rafting trips begin by flying into Margaret Lake in the heart of the park. From there, the broad river valley, flanked by rolling tundra, gradually narrows, funnelling rafters into a succession of canyons – like the furious Class IV rapids below Sheep Creek – over the course of one or two weeks.

The trip isn’t all paddling and adrenaline, however. In early summer, rafters can watch migrating caribou herds or nesting raptors. Late summer paddlers can drop a line in the water and land Dolly Varden char, pull ashore to hike jagged ridgelines or explore Engigstciak, a dramatic peak rising from the coastal plain where hunters have scanned the horizon for more than 9,000 years.

Organise your own trip with experienced rafters, or sign up for a guided trip with a commercial operator.

Join the researchers

For the keen learners, you can raft the Firth River with Canadian River Expedition guides and Parks Canada staff while participating in research programs to monitor the Park’s health. Hear Inuvialuit stories that connect the Indigenous people of the region to this ancient landscape and gain a true appreciation for the work the Inuvialuit and Parks Canada conduct together to share and care for this special place.